Read. Sleep. Repeat.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, out-of-town guests become more and more likely. From close friends and family staying over on Christmas to distant relatives crashing for a quick stay on a long layover, your guest room will be the hottest spot in town this season. And with that luxurious bed layered with Luxome, there’s a chance your guests may never leave — don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Prepping For a Perfect Stay

When you think about what you’d want in a perfect guest room experience, take your mind back to a favorite vacation at a five-star hotel — and that five-star bed. With its comfortable mattress, buttery soft sheets, and warm yet breathable comforters, recreating a hotel-worthy bed in your guest room will give your out-of-towners the perfect rest they need. 

Try adorning your guest room bed with Luxome Luxury Sheets — the highest thread count of any bamboo sheets! — and the Luxome Lightweight Blanket for a quilted comforter that provides the perfect temperature year-round.

Curl Up With Cozy Comforts

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to create the ultimate cozy, comfy atmosphere. Although we’ve already got a lightweight blanket for the low-maintenance sleepers, many people prefer to go full-on cocoon mode when they’re sleeping — and that’s where weighted blankets come in. Ranging from 15 to 30 pounds, weighted blankets are the end-all-be-all when it comes to coziness, helping you to relax and fall asleep quickly with a sense of calming comfort. 

And, not to worry, if you’re a sleeper who runs hot — Luxome’s Cooling Collection of weighted blankets was made for you. As these lightweight-feeling (yet still weighted) blankets are made of bamboo lyocell or a combination minky/bamboo fabric, they are scientifically created to facilitate sound sleep while still staying cool. 

LAYR-ing on a Perfect Pillow

What good is a comfy bed without a comfy pillow? Pillows can be a difficult thing to get right in a guest room — some like them flat and hard; some like them fluffy and cloud-like. With Luxome’s customizable LAYR Pillow, you’ll never have a guest complaining about a neck-ache in the morning again. 

The world’s first fully customizable pillow, this groundbreaking design is fully adjustable to any firmness or height to accommodate all shapes, sizes, and sleeping positions. LAYR Pillows come with one side composed of an ultra-soft down alternative and the other side with gel-infused shredded memory foam. To customize, simply flip it over or switch out one side with the solid memory foam insert provided for additional firmness. Still not feeling quite right? Just add or remove inserts and filling until you find your perfect pillow!

ZZZ-Worthy Guest Room Add-Ons

A warm and welcoming guest room will also contain plenty of add-ons that make it feel like home, starting with a vase or two of fresh flowers to brighten up the space. Keeping the decor simple and tasteful will create a calming atmosphere — this isn’t a place to store your extra knick-knacks and “to-be-donated” boxes! 

A few well-placed candles on a bedside table or dresser can add to the ambiance — or, if you do not want the potential fire hazard, an essential oil diffuser can provide the same zen-like and good-smelling vibe. To take the coziness up a notch, provide your guests with fuzzy slippers, luxuriously plush robes, and some fancy products to up-level their bath or shower. 

If your guest room has a bit of extra space, consider setting up a mini coffee station — this could be as simple as clearing off a spare desk, dresser, or cabinet. A small coffee maker or electric kettle, packets of coffee, tea bags, and shelf-stable creamer or sugar can ensure that any night owls can brew a cup of sleepy time tea, or early birds can get a jump start on their java without waking the rest of the house. A nice addition might also be a basket of packaged snacks, fresh fruit, cookies, or bottles of water for people who need a post-dinner or early-morning snack or sip.

Back to Basics

However, we don’t want to focus only on the extras and forget the basics. Make sure your guest room has plenty of empty closet and drawer space to hang their clothes, fresh towels and washcloths, and well-placed lighting. A closet with a couple of spare blankets for the extra-cold sleepers — we love the Luxome Minky Light Grey + Dark Grey Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket — will be sure to fend off any late-night chills.

In the guest bathroom, a well-stocked array of toiletries can make any forgetful traveler breathe a sigh of relief. This can include shampoo, conditioner, soaps, body wash, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, and even a spare toothbrush or two.

Lastly, think about things that you love to have near your bedside. This may be an easily accessible phone charger, a cutely framed printout of your WiFi password, a few favorite books or magazines, and a reading lamp for the nightstand that gives off a warm glow. It's always helpful to have some sort of light near the bed so your guest won't have to stumble around in the dark for a midnight bathroom break in an unfamiliar room.

Five Stars, Please 

Can we stay in your guest room forever? With all of these thoughtful additions, from luxurious bedding to customizable pillows to a coffee-crafting station, we’re confident that your guest will be leaving you five stars and gushing reviews. But with all this coziness, just be aware that your well-rested and pampered guests may want to extend their trip a day or two!