Passion for Experience

Our products delight the senses and create blissful moments for our customers.


Obsession with Details

We choose only the finest fabrics & materials and focus on superior craftmaship to deliver quality beyond people’s expectations.


Commitment to You

We are committed to making people feel special— taking the time to deliver personal touches.

Made with Love

We are dedicated to creating products so irresistibly soft & exquisitely designed that they make every day more beautiful and every moment more special.


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Feels like home

Say hello to cozy loungewear that makes you feel at home, no matter where your journey takes you.


It’s all in the Details

Our Plush Performance Towels offer everything you want in a bath towel. Patented dual-loop technology ensures ultra-softness, absorbency, and long-lasting performance.

Everything is AMAZING!!!!

"I'm don't like shopping because the happiness of an order, usually doesn't last long. Luxome is an exception! I love everything and I'm enjoying my sheets, comforters, pillow cases etc. I'm going to buy more..I'm addicted lol!! THANK YOU!!!!!"

- James K.

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"This is by far the best blanket I have ever owned. Lightweight, smooth and silky feeling material keeps me cool at night but it still provides the perfect warmth during colder months."

– Andrea B.

Worth every penny!

"I’ve never in my lifetime had quality bedding and just found out the benefits. These sheets feel amazing and will last. I would highly recommend this company. The packaging was amazing too."

– Lana M.

Never buy anything else

"Omgosh, the BEST sheets I've ever owned! Worth every single penny. Feels like sleeping in luxurious comfort!! Definitely Definitely recommend."

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