What is the difference between the Integrated and Removable Cover Blankets?

The difference between the two types of Luxome blankets is simple: One has a removable premium cover and the other has the premium cover sewn directly onto the blanket (Integrated) and is not removable.

We also answer “What are the blankets made of?” below.

Which size/weight is right for me?

For children (4+) we recommend the small size (42"x56" - 8lbs). For adolescents, smaller adults, and couch throws we recommend the medium size (54"x72" - 15lbs). For most adults we recommend the large size (60"x80" - 18lbs). 

All of our blankets are specifically optimized to a perfect weight per square foot based on extensive user testing that included, men, women, adolescents, and children of all shapes and sizes. Selecting a weight based on body weight actually has no scientific basis and the weight per square foot can vary greatly depending on the blanket size. So, just select a size and rest assured it's the right weight.

What are your blankets made of?

For the blankets with covers, the inner blanket has an outer shell of 100% cotton with a thread count of 233. This higher thread count is to ensure the fabric density required to hold in the 1mm glass beads throughout use and washing. The higher thread count is also useful to use the blanket without a cover to provide additional softness. 

Underneath the outer cotton shell are 1mm natural, hypoallergenic, glass beads sewn into small square pockets for even weight distribution. They are not sharp and do not cause any damage to the blanket. With the glass beads is polyester fabric filling to prevent the beads from moving around within their section. 

The integrated blankets are the exact same, but underneath the integrated cover sewn into the blanket is a layer of polyester to provide additional strength and durability for washing.

What are your sheets made of?

Our sheets are made of 100% pure bamboo and are 400TC. This higher thread count is the highest in the bamboo sheet category and ensures the most luxurious quality & performance. 

Are your blankets machine washable?

YES!  While a lot of other companies require their blankets to be hand washed only, ALL types of Luxome weighted blankets can be machine washed and dried.  Because we use higher quality fabrics with higher thread counts, our blankets can be machine washed & dried without any problems.

If you want to learn more about why our blankets are the best, we deconstruct the weighted blanket in some of our videos.

We also posted detailed care instructions for all Luxome blankets. 

Are your sheets machine washable?

YES! To keep your bamboo sheets looking and feeling their best, they will need a little TLC. Please follow our care instructions for best results

Will the blanket cover my bed?

Most of our blankets are designed to just cover the top of the bed. If you look at the dimensions of the different bed sizes vs. blanket sizes on the product pages, you’ll see the blankets are not sized to drape over the bed like traditional blankets.

Weighted blankets are designed to be used individually, and we optimize ours to a specific weight per square foot for the best experience. We matched our sizes to bed sizes so they can look great while you’re not using them, but they are not the same dimensions as standard blankets that drape over the bed since that would require a lot of wasted weight in order to maintain our ideal weight per square foot.   

Is your blanket really cooling?

We designed our weighted blankets to minimize excess heat, but unfortunately we can't eliminate it. The main function of a blanket is to provide warmth, so we did our best to minimize that warmth while providing additional weight. 

Our weighted blankets are much cooler than competitive blankets since we use breathable, high-quality materials and avoid several layers of cheap polyester or cotton. When you combine our breathable core construction with outer fabrics like our 300TC Bamboo, our weighted blankets are as cool as you can make a weighted blanket.  However, they are still blankets and will still provide warmth, just a lot less warmth than a comparable blanket. 

If you are looking for our coolest blankets, we’d recommend the following, in order:

When do you ship orders?

Our Free Shipping option ships all outbound orders via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery (please no PO Boxes) to customers in the contiguous US only. Orders typically ship within 24 hours every Monday to Friday.  All orders placed Friday after 12:30pm EST, Saturday or Sunday will ship the following Monday.  You will receive tracking information via email and/or text once your order ships. Most orders arrive within five business days, depending on your location and how close you are to Michigan where we are based. Please make sure to add support@luxome.com to your contacts to ensure you receive our order and shipment confirmations.  

Where is my removable cover?

To save you unnecessary time and hassle, your removable cover weighted blanket arrives with the removable cover already attached.  Since we did such a great job hiding the zipper, it may be hard to locate  Simply find the black LUXOME tag, then slowly follow the seam towards the center and you’ll find the zipper in between the black Luxome tag and the middle of the blanket.  

Can I add a removable cover to my Integrated Cover blanket?

Our Integrated Cover blankets are designed to be used without a cover, which is why we made them machine washable and removed the loops. If you are specifically looking for a blanket with a removable cover, check out our Removable Cover Weighted Blankets.

What if my blanket is too heavy?

While we would love to be able to guarantee that everyone will experience the weighted blanket in the same way, how a person reacts to the additional weight varies. Some people will feel its benefits right away, and some may need up to 7-10 nights for their body to adjust to the additional weight. For others, it just may not work out at all. Trying the blanket for multiple nights is the best way to know if your body will adjust to the additional weight and why we offer a 30-day return policy.

Is return shipping free?

If the return is due to a fault of ours (defect, wrong product, damaged) we pay for the return shipping and issue a full refund. If the return is because of customer preferences we deduct the return shipping from the refund. Please review our return policy for full details.

Where are the products made?

All of our products are designed and tested at our facilities in Michigan. They are manufactured to our exact specifications in China, which is where we were able to find the highest quality partner with specific technology for weighted blankets and sheets. By engineering products in Michigan and using world class machinery in China, we are able to produce amazing products at a quality and cost that both we and our customers expect.