From our Luxome family to yours, we wish you good health, peace and safety during this unprecedented time. As we all work together to find ways to stay connected as well as productive at home, our team has compiled a list of some our favorite and creative ways that we are spending our time with family.

Luxome Community Support


1. CITY DRIVING TOUR – Pack the family into the car with snacks & drinks and visit all the landmarks around the city. On the way home, support your favorite local restaurant and order curbside pickup for dinner!

2. HIBACHI NIGHT – We love this one! Using a flat electric griddle, set up your group dinner around a larger table with all the fixings for fried rice & stir fry. Cook for the family hibachi-style...fling some shrimp too if you dare!

3. LEARNING VIDEO GAMES – Fun for the kids & gamers! Build a city with 'Cities: Skylines' and learn about how a community works (budget, taxes, zoning, healthcare, water, sewage, traffic/roads). Or try the game SPORE – a fun computer game that teaches the concepts of evolution and adaptation. 

4. NEIGHBORHOOD FUN – Organize a no-contact "bear hunt" for the kids! Participants display a bear (stuffed animal, picture, etc.) in an easy-to-see location like the front porch or window. See how many you can spot!

5. FUN & GAMES – Whether it's a new puzzle or some old family favorites like Boggle or Trivial Pursuit, make it a game night! Tired of the usual options? Create a fun indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt!

6. SPRING CLEANING (TOGETHER) – Enlist the whole family to get everything done that you've always wanted to but never seem to find the time. Create a checklist and give everyone a specific task(s). Celebrate a job well done by all voting for a movie to watch together.

7. 100 PUSH-UP CHALLENGE – Flex those muscles! Join the social media challenge and do 100 push-ups per day for 30 days.

8. FAMILY BIKE RIDES – Take some time to ride around the neighborhood. Wave to neighbors and leave thoughtful notes of encouragement on doorsteps. Don't forget to take your dog(s) for a walk too - they'll enjoy the fresh air and exercise. 

9. FAMILY SAFETY DRILLS – Do you have a plan in place for natural disasters or other emergency situations? Take this time to talk with your family about what to do in the case of a house fire / tornado / earthquake / etc.

10. DONATIONS – During your spring cleaning and organizing, collect household items for donating and put aside for families in need. Take to a local shelter or donation center when they are open.