The LUXOME Difference


LUXOME attributes much of the company’s success to going back to the basics of product quality and testing in an Internet world full of so many cheap products sold with deceptive marketing. We only launch products that we would buy and absolutely love, and test every product for months in our own home and homes of family, friends, and staff. We test all major competitive products at the same time to ensure LUXOME’s products are better quality at a comparable price. LUXOME will continue its rigorous product development to launch other home goods where consumers are being underserved by existing products.

What makes LUXOME Weighted Blankets the best?

There's a lot of weighted blankets, how do I know what's good? Well, an obvious place to start is customer reviews. LUXOME is the only weighted blanket with over 4,000 verified reviews and 5-star ratings.


The Reviews Speak for Themselves

Want to hear what our customers say about how LUXOME stands up to the competition? Here are just a few samples:

"I wasted $ getting what another [companies] listed as premium bamboo sheets. Yours are 100%. They truly are great, the softness, high quality. Yes, you sell them at slightly double the price than the mixed with rayon and polyester crap that other companies charged me but I won't use them on my bed ever again! I now sleep cool and comfortable. The saying is true, you get what you pay for and now I own 2 sets and plan to order more to give as gifts to my family."" - Amy C.

"My husband and I have gone through a handful of other sheets, in search of a superior quality. The sheets feel heavenly against your skin, fit our deep pocketed King just right, and have held their integrity over time. We couldn't be happier and I’ve recommended this brand to my friends so they can join the 'club!'" - Jessica K.

"After trying other weighted blankets that were too hot and too small for our bed AND the weight not staying in one place, I reluctantly decided to try the Luxome, and Wow!! This is finally what I was looking for!! It doesn't make me sweat and the weight is uniform throughout the whole blanket! It looks wonderful and fits out queen sized bed perfectly!! I'm happy!!" - Tricia C.

"This is it! Having tried several blankets from other companies, this is MY new blanket! Thank You!!" - Anna F.

"Tried the rest, settled for the best! I have had trouble sleeping and tried other weighted blankets. Luxome blankets answered the issues I had with other products and I really do sleep better. The Luxome blanket is by far the most luxury I have found in the weighted blanket category." - Victor C.

"I must admit this is the greatest pillow ever made. Within the first 4 nights I found my perfect combination and I have found sleep nirvana. I have struggled to find a pillow that sleeps cool, has great support and be comfortable. Well this is all 3 plus more. I finally get 8 consecutive hours of sleep and my girlfriend tells me I have not snored since finding that perfect combination. I am in love with this pillow and I guarantee you will find your perfect pillow. I promise this is BETTER THAN THE REST." – Solomon M.



Addressing Consumer Concerns

Want to hear what our customers say about how LUXOME stands up to the competition? Here are just a few samples: Low-quality weighted blankets often have a number of issues, all of which LUXOME fixed:

  • The beads that provide the weight bunch up like golf balls or hackey sacks
  • The blanket bunches within the cover so all the weight goes to one corner
  • The blanket is excessively warm - too hot to use
  • Beads leak or there are other major construction issues


How do you make the best weighted blanket?

First and foremost, we CARE. All of our families use our products first and we all use them in our own homes. We specifically design and construct our own products to fix problems and issues vs. other companies that just email a factory in China and ask them for 1,000 weighted blankets.   Our care and diligence in each product shows in our reviews. We don't have a ton of different products, but the ones we have are absolutely stellar.



What makes LUXOME Sheets the best?

Our Luxury Sheet Set is 100% viscose from bamboo, and at 400TC is the highest thread count of any bamboo sheets ever made. Softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton, our bamboo sheets are weaved for luxurious softness, optimal cooling, and extreme durability. When developing our cooling bamboo sheets, like with all of our other products, we took a look at the competition and asked, “how can we make this BETTER?” We designed a fabric with a higher thread count than other bamboo sheets on the market, selected more colors for better variety, and kept the price reasonable.



What makes LUXOME LAYR Adjustable Pillow the best?

Unlike any pillow on the market, the LUXOME LAYR Pillow allows users to fine tune both the firmness AND height to their exact specifications through three unique inserts – the Soft premium down alternative insert, Medium gel-infused shredded memory foam insert and Firm 1" and 2" pieces of solid gel-infused memory foam inserts. Whether using a single insert, sticking with two favorites or stacking all three, consumers can arrange and even modify the fill of the individual inserts for the perfect height and feel. Most "adjustable" pillows on the market are designed to only solve a single problem, which is usually the pillow height. They come with inner layers, all with the same inexpensive poly-blend fill and no cooling factors. The first-of-its-kind, LAYR Pillow is infinitely adjustable in firmness AND height, and was created with the unique sleep habits and positions of each individual in mind, making it the ultimate innovation in customized comfort.


xo, Luxome

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