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We're here to help you learn how to get your best night's sleep. So curl up and get cozy with your LUXOME bedding and we'll take care of the rest!

How to Beat the Winter Blues

With the days getting shorter and shorter, and warm sunny afternoons becoming a fond yet distant memory, winter tends to be a time to hunker down and stay indoors. Whether you live in a snowy winter wonderland or somewhere that stays 70 degrees year-round, the time from December to March is perfect for turning your hibernation mode switch from ‘off’ to ‘on.’

Not All Wrinkles Are Created Equal

We’re here to change that narrative and embrace the wrinkles — both on our faces and in our beds. Just as a wrinkled face can embody a natural and organic aging process, wrinkled sheets come about when we use natural and organic fabrics that don’t utilize toxic chemicals to flatten things out. Even with the crisp and clean look of wrinkle-free sheets with tightly tucked hospital corners, we’d take a well-loved and non-toxic bed any day (or night) of the week — wrinkles and all.

The Importance of Quality Sleep

Many know that getting quality zzz’s is just as important as eating right and getting regular exercise. But you may not know all of the health properties that are linked to sleep. Here are a few facts that may surprise you...

Sleep Tips for Better ZZZ's

Take time to focus on the importance of sleep and how it affects your daily well-being. Here are some tips to create new habits, practices, and routines that can help improve your sleep quality and overall health.

Cool Bedding – Fact or Fiction?

There are some misconceptions regarding cooling bedding that can cause confusion. Cooling bedding and cooler fabrics (like bamboo) aren’t just meant for staying cool, but more importantly, they are designed to help regulate temperature and keep you comfortable all night long. Here are some common myths about cool bedding features and the truth of what works!

Which Sheets Are Right For You?

There are many of differences in the fabrics commonly found in sheets; the weight, the level of softness, some retain much more heat than others, etc. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

7 Tips for Better Sleep in the New Year

The best gift you can give yourself this year is to have quality sleep every night and wake up feeling refreshed. That’s what matters, right? Sleep can change our whole day! With these tips, hopefully you can get the solid rest you deserve. 

Holiday Traditions Worth Repeating

Let’s face it, the holidays are going to look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the season with lots of love, joy and togetherness (even if some of it happens virtually). Here are some ideas, both old and new, for festive traditions that will make this holiday season the best one yet.

'Tis the Season...of Stress.

The holiday season can be stressful for most people. Rushing around trying to take care of shopping, cooking, decorating, it’s a lot of stress! But you can give your loved ones the gift of comfort & rest this holiday with these fantastic products to help ensure a peaceful and wonderful night's rest.

The LUXOME Difference

LUXOME attributes much of the company’s success to going back to the basics of product quality and testing in an Internet world full of so many cheap products sold with deceptive marketing. We only launch products that we would buy and absolutely love, and test every product for months in our own home and homes of family, friends, and staff.

Which Weighted Blanket Is Right For Me?

A weighted blanket can be a natural, easy solution to finding relief to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, attention disorders, and an array of neurological and health concerns. Covering with the blanket allows for a deep pressure touch, much like massage, that works to sooth and calm. But choosing which blanket is right for you does not need to be difficult.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Weighted Blanket

It may seem like a weighted blanket is a weighted blanket, but not all weighted blankets are created equal. Prices can range from below $100 to nearly $300. So, what’s the difference between all these weighted blankets? How do you know you’re getting a good value? We broke down the 10 most important things to consider when buying a weighted blanket.

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