Read. Sleep. Repeat.

Creating your perfect sleep experience can be easy! It may take a couple tries to get it right, but rest assured, it will be worth it when you do. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your new fully customizable pillow.

Most people start with only 2 inserts and adjust from there. All 3 inserts together make for a very high loft pillow that may not be very comfortable to start with.


How do you like your head to FEEL on your pillow? If you like the feeling of a soft, plush pillow, start with the SOFT insert on top. If you prefer the feeling of firmer support under your head, start with the MEDIUM or FIRM layer on top. Build your perfect pillow from the comfort of your bed:

  • Unzip the pillow cover
  • Put the insert on top that represents how you want your head to feel on the pillow (soft / medium / firm)
  • Layer one insert underneath based on firmness preference
  • Once you have your two inserts, fine-tune while customizing height
  • Adjust height upward by adding the remaining insert on the bottom
  • Adjust height downward by unzipping an insert and removing fill – which one you choose will also impact firmness
  • Store any fill removed from the soft & medium inserts in the extra insert covers provided
  • Zip the cover, try it out, and continue to make adjustments until you’ve found your perfect pillow!
Here are a couple configurations that demonstrate how to use and adjust the LAYR pillow.
The key difference between Viscose (a.k.a. Rayon) and Lyocell is primarily the solvent and process used to dissolve the plant-based material. Viscose bamboo uses a corrosive chemical (Sodium Hydroxide) as the solvent in order to dissolve the plant pulp. Besides using a harsh chemical on something you are going to sleep with every night, the water can't be re-used and the waste is toxic. Lyocell bamboo uses an organic solvent to dissolve the plant pulp, allowing the water and solvent to be recovered and re-used in a "closed-loop", environmentally friendly process. This creates a truly organic fabric that you can feel good about draping over you for 6-8 hours a day.  SHOP LAYR