Read. Sleep. Repeat.


A weighted blanket can be a natural, easy solution to finding relief to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, attention disorders, and an array of neurological and health concerns. Covering with the blanket allows for a deep pressure touch, much like massage, that works to sooth and calm.

But choosing which blanket is right for you does not need to be difficult. Many companies and resources will tell you to choose the weight of the blanket based on your size and weight, but buying a weighted blanket based on a percent of your body weight isn't accurate since it doesn't take into account the size of the blanket or the intended use. Those choosing to sleep with the blanket will want it to fit the bed , while others may prefer a smaller size that can be used as a comfy throw.It is also important to understand that most weighted blankets are sized much smaller than a traditional blanket or comforter and are intended to cover the area different than your regular bedding. A blanket that is weighted is meant to not be tucked in – rather, to simply cover the person using it.

The LUXOME Team has done extensive user testing and has optimized all of our blankets to an ideal weight per square foot that nearly everyone agreed on. Simply select a size that works best and rest assured, it will be the perfect weight. LUXOME WEIGHTED BLANKET SIZING:

  • SMALL - kids or lap use
  • MEDIUM - full beds (covers top), throw, smaller adults
  • LARGE - queens beds (covers top), full beds (drapes), most adults
  • XL - shared use, king/queen beds (drapes sides)
Weighted blankets provide a relaxing amount of pressure that feels like a hug, which can then reduce stress hormone (cortisol) and in turn, promote the production of the happy hormone (serotonin). The comforting presence can also help you fall asleep more quickly, which is especially beneficial for people who have trouble sleeping. If using a weighted blanket for medical reasons or health concerns, we recommend consulting with your medical professional first to get an expert opinion on what weight is best.