Read. Sleep. Repeat.

Not only is sleep the way we feel rejuvenated every day, but it can also improve our health. However, one of the most significant causes of disrupted sleep is heat. Waking up drenched from sweat can also be disruptive. Being too hot can also throw off your sleep cycle and interfere with your ability to get adequate sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

During the night, the temperature of your body may fluctuate from hot to cold. Temperature changes can also happen when we are sick or due to hormonal changes.

An easy solution for hot sleepers is to invest in “cooling” bedding. However, there are some misconceptions regarding cooling bedding that can cause confusion. Cooling bedding and fabrics (like bamboo) aren’t just meant for staying cool, but more importantly, they are designed to help regulate temperature and keep you comfortable all night long.

We’re going to review some of the myths about cool bedding features to help you understand what works! 

#1: Bamboo is a popular cooling material for bedding.
TRUE: When people hear “bamboo,” they typically think of a rougher, thick tree material. However, bamboo is one of the best temperature regulating materials for your bed. The fabric itself is breathable, so air can flow throughout the night, creating better ventilation. Even better? The bamboo is extra soft. Plus, bamboo is moisture-wicking, keeping you dry throughout the night and comfortable. 

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#2: Foam makes you sleep hotter.
TRUE & FALSE: Foam has a reputation for retaining heat - more than traditional mattress & pillow materials. True, some foam mattresses and pillows will sleep hotter, but not all foam is created equal. The better quality foam will have temperature regulating features (like gel-infused). Additionally, using more breathable fabrics, like the previously mentioned bamboo sheets, you can sleep comfortably, even with a foam mattress or pillow.

Our Luxome Layr Pillow is not only perfectly adjustable, but it sleeps cooler than traditional foam pillows due to the gel-infused foam layer and cooling bamboo outer cover.

#3: Cooling bedding should not be used in the winter or colder climates.
FALSE: While cooling bedding helps keep a warmer sleeper more comfortable at night, it will not necessarily make you colder in the winter. Bamboo can actually be quite warm as they help regulate your body temperature to give you the right amount of comfort. 

#4: Weighted blankets make you sleep hot.
TRUE & FALSE: Weighted blankets do not necessarily sleep warmer, mostly if they’re made with a cooler material. Weighted blankets have had lots of buzz for their ability to help calm anxiety and promote a deeper, more relaxed sleep. Using a weighted blanket can help with lots of sleep issues. But often, people are concerned since they’re heavier, they will be hotter. That is not necessarily the case. Depending on the materials, weighted blankets can still do the job without overheating you at night.

Luxome is known for its Cooling Weighted Blankets. Based on the reviews, people have been overly ecstatic with the quality and effectiveness of these blankets. They’re also affordable compared to other options on the market.

#5: A mattress topper can make you sleep hotter.
TRUE: A mattress topper is often used to help improve a mattress's surface, especially if it’s older and you need to fix it without buying a whole new mattress. But often, people are hesitant because they’re concerned that they’ll sleep too hot. The quick answer is: yes, mattress toppers will generally feel warmer. That’s because most mattresses contain some layer of foam on the top. When you add a foam topper to your mattress, two things happen. The friction of foam on top of foam will trap heat, causing you to sleep hotter. Also, since the foams will rub against each other, it can slowly wear down your mattress and force you to replace your mattress sooner.

However, newer technologies exist for toppers with cooling capabilities. These are typically just for cooling, not necessarily for comfort. These also tend to run upward of $500 for some models.

#6: Any bedding labeled "cooling" will help you sleep better at night.
FALSE: Don't get fooled by clever marketing and be sure to do your research. To achieve the best, cool and comfortable sleep, be sure to look closely at the fabric details of anything marketed as "cooling." Materials like polyester and nylon are less breathable, so be sure to select something that does not include a blend with these materials. When you’re looking for cooling fabrics, it’s best to seek out products made from 100% bamboo (viscose or lyocell), tencel or cotton.


Staying cool at night and regulating your body temperature with cooler, quality bedding will help ensure you get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Having a consistent and dry night sleep helps ensure we get the proper amount of sleep.

That’s why it’s so important to have bedding that can regulate your temperature. Thankfully, there are lots of options out there!