Read. Sleep. Repeat.

We all need some positivity and optimism after 2020. It’s finally the new year, and we’re ready to kick off 2021 with healthy habits to beat those winter blues!


Many people make resolutions at the start of the year but remember, resolutions are just goals, and it’s all about positive changes (big or small), not perfection.

Have you given thought to your goals to better yourself and your health for 2021? We have a few ideas to help you get started!

Incorporate Meditation
Sure, you are already aware of meditation and mindfulness, but have you incorporated it into your daily life?

Meditation sometimes feels like a time-consuming activity, and although it's been proven to help us with stress and promote better sleep, we often dismiss it. But it can make significant changes in our sleep and overall wellness. Try meditating before bed - starting with just five to ten minutes, a few times a week, and increase as you can. It’s all about consistency and why we recommend starting small but regularly. Practice makes perfect when it comes to meditation.

Create Morning and Night Routines
The way you get up is just as important as how you get ready for bed. For wellness this year, carve out extra time for the morning and evening before bed.

Determine when you want to wake up and go to bed. Create a list of items that set you up for success. Choose five things for the morning and evening. Whether it’s drinking water or tea, meditating, or gratitude, build a routine that focuses on your needs first.

Plan Your Next Vacation
Studies have shown time and again that having something to look forward to creates a hopeful spirit. Plans for the future can also serve as perfect talking points for enhancing social relationships since as humans, we spend a lot of our mental lives living in the future. The dead of winter seems the perfect time to plan your next vacation, even if it’s a ways off still…so why not start planning now?

Invest in a Weighted Blanket
If you have anxiety, you might want to consider investing in a weighted blanket. They are an inexpensive way to help manage stress when you’re ready to sleep.

Weighted blankets are heavier than regular blankets to promote calmness and reduce anxiety to help people when falling asleep. Managing your stress and getting proper sleep every night is the best way to stay happy and healthy.

The pressure from the weighted blanket feels like a hug and can help alleviate intrusive thoughts to help you fall asleep faster with less sleep disruption if you struggle with managing your stress. Or, if you’re trying to improve your sleep quality this year, we highly recommend the use of a weighted blanket. 

Phone a Friend
Feeling extra blue? Consider calling a close friend or family member who you know will help lift your spirits. Loneliness is often a trigger for stress and depression, and the simple sound of a familiar voice or some shared laughter with a friend can go a long way when it comes to lifting our spirits. Happiness and health is frequently anecdotally linked and “laughter is the best medicine” is a cliche for a reason.

Use Essential Oil Diffusers
Essential oils can make a huge difference in your home. Certain scents can import or alter your mood. Especially for sleep, lavender has been proven to be effective. Using lemongrass can help promote focus and concentration. Different smells can change your perspective, helping to alleviate stress, tension, feel happier, or even energized.

Consider using small diffusers throughout your home and investing in scents to help make you feel better each day. You can change the smell depending on your day.

Essential oils can drastically improve mood and can be used on your body. You can put drops on your wrists or behind your ears to use on the go and still reap the benefits.

Increase Your Vitamin D
Vitamin D levels can drastically decline during winter months due to spending less time in the sun, which can seriously affect our moods. Consider getting a medical check-up or blood test. Luckily, vitamin D supplements tend to be as beneficial for us as the sun, as well as nutrient-rich foods such as egg yolks and fatty fish.

Move Your Body
One of the most significant changes you can make to better your mind and body is to move your body everyday. Any body activity, even in the simplest form, helps get your blood moving and helps increase oxygen levels to your brain. 

It doesn’t require much time or money. All you need to do is find a way to move your body that suits you. It allows your muscles to strengthen and improve your mental function, also reducing stress and improve mindfulness.

Simple ways to move your body can include a walk, light stretches, simple yoga moves, or any type of cardio. Listen to your body and what works for you. Any movement is better than no movement at all.

All of these tips will help benefit your mind, body and wellness. Implementing any or all of these tips will significantly enhance your health and wellness in 2021!